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Frequently asked question

About Giving Europe


Who is Giving Europe?

Giving Europe is the no-nonsense distributor within the promotional products industry. With our IMPRESSION brand you have the quintessential brand available to you with the largest and most diverse assortment of promotional items, with all items sold directly from stock. In addition, as your partner we take care of as much as possible, so you can focus on your business. 


I don't have an account

If you do not have an account yet, you can request your own personal account by phone, e-mail or by filling in the form on our contact page. 



I have lost my login information

If you have lost your password to your account, you can retrieve lost passwords on the login page. Submit your username or email address and you will receive an automatically generated email with instructions to reset the password. If you have lost your username, contact your account manager. They will help you solve this issue.




I would like more information regarding the partnership opportunities of Giving Europe
We would like to inform you personally about our partnership possibilities, so we can offer advise tailored to your business. For more information you can contact the following department:



Will we have a dedicated contact person?

When you start a partnership with us, a dedicated account manager and back office employee are ready to assist you.




Can you supply printed products?

Yes, Giving Europe has its own printing facilities in Poland (Boleslawiec), employing the newest printing techniques.



Which printing techniques do you offer?

We have a large selection of printing techniques available for you, namely: tampon printing, silkscreen printing, laser engraving, digital printing, transfer printing, doming, embossing, paper/sticker printing and sublimation. Per item the available printing techniques may differ. In our web shop you can view the printing techniques per item. If you have any specific wishes regarding the printing options, please contact our sales department.


Placing an order


How do I order a product?

Placing an order at IMPRESSION is very easy:


  • Choose your product and add this item to your cart
  • Go through the steps to customise the product as desired
  • Check you order and then click “Finish order


Are prices including or excluding taxes?

All prices are excluding taxes, unless specified otherwise.



How many colours make up my logo?

Before you request a quotation for a printed item, you need to indicate the number of colours included in the print. To be able to calculate an accurate price, we need to know how many colours your logo or desired print contains. Every colour is a separate print colour, the more colours are included in your print, the higher the price will be. To determine the number of required colours, simply count the amount of colours in your logo or desired print. Take into consideration that white also counts as a colour.



Do you charge costs for set-up and packing?

Giving Europe charges set-up costs and packing costs. These costs differ per item and printing technique. On the product page under “Printing price” you can see an overview of the rates per item.



Supply information


Uploading files

When you request a price calculation or when you place your order, you can upload your logo. The logo needs to have one of the following formats: JPG, PDF, EPS, TIF, AI or PNG (max. 3MB). Take into account that this needs to be a vector file.



What is a vector file?

A vector file can be enlarged to any size without loss of quality. A vector file is a graphic file consisting of lines (vectors), rather than small dots (a frame made up of pixels). The advantage of a file made up of vectors is that the image can be scaled up without limitations. At no point will the image blur or will text become illegible. This type of file is suitable for enlarging an image 100 times, for example, while the details remain sharp. Thanks to this quality, vector files are used for print and printing promotional items.


A standard JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF image are not suitable because these are made up of pixels and pixilation will show when these images are increased in size. A vector file guarantees a high quality print on your order of promotional items!


You don’t have a vector logo? Don’t worry. Upload your logo during the order process (for example as a .jpg or .png) in the highest resolution possible and for €20,- we will transform your logo into a vector file. The vectorised file guarantees the quality of the print!




The artwork for the print on your promotional products needs to be submitted in PMS colours. PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. PMS are universal codes across the globe for every party involved in the design and production process. The word ‘matching’ (‘coordinating’, ‘corresponding’) indicates the importance of reproducing a specified colour; unfortunately this isn’t a given in the design and production industry. By using PMS colours we can guarantee that we will honour our commitment to you, to deliver the print in accurate colours. Without the use of PMS colours, the colours of the end product might vary from expectations.

Attention: The PMS colour of the ink will always be the same, however, this does not prevent the same colour from showing up differently on different items. The underlying material can absorb the ink in different ways, resulting in colour variations. 

We implore you to also submit your logo in PMS colours. Oftentimes the advertisement agency, the designer or the marketing department will know exactly which PMS colours make up your logo. Would you like to have your logo printed on a business gift or giveaway, but you don’t know the PMS colours of your logo? Click “Select PMS colour” and select the colours that most resemble the colours in your logo.



Can I choose to only print text on a product?

Yes, it is possible to print only text on a promotional item. It is of importance that we receive the desired font. You can specify the precise font during the order process.



What is a digital print proof?

When you want to have a product printed, you will receive a digital print proof, once you’ve placed your order. This is a PDF file in which you get a preview of what the item will look like with your desired print. This digital proof of print has to be approved before we definitely process your order. You will receive the digital print proof within 3 office hours after placing your order.


Delivery time


When will my order be delivered?

Unprinted order

Orders consisting of unprinted products will be sent the same day using standard transport, if we have received the order before 11:45. Depending on the delivery address, the order will be delivered within 24 to 48 hours.


Express order

If you would like to expedite your order, you can request an express order. These orders will be delivered the following workingday. Express orders can be placed until 15:45 to enable delivery the following day before 11:00. Attention: the costs of express orders are higher, which is why they are only available on request.


Printed order

Once you’ve placed your order, you will receive a digital print proof within 3 office hours. The estitameted shipping date will be confirmed to you after we’ve received your approval on the print proof. In case you’ve placed a more sizeable order, your account manager will contact you to discuss the delivery time with you.


Sample order

Sample orders will be sent with regular transport on the same day if we receive the order before 15:45. Depending on the delivery address, the order will be delivered in the Benelux within 24 to 48 hours.



From which locations do you send orders?

We have a logistics centre in Poland (Boleslawiec) of 7.000 m2. All our products are in stock, unless otherwise specified. In addition we offer you the possibility to import products directly from China (ImportDirect) for a reduced price.



Will I receive a Track & Trace code for my order?

At the end of the day on which the order is sent, you will receive an email with the track & trace number. Attached to this email is a copy of the packing list.



Can you send my order with neutral packaging?

We can send your order in 3 ‘neutral’ ways, namely: 


  • With our neutral name: Favorite logistics
  • With your name
  • With Giving Europe’s name


Payment and billing


What are the payment options?

At Giving Europe you can pay by invoice. For more information, contact your account manager.



How do I change the billing address?

When you wish to change the billing address, contact your account manager.



Can I have a seperate delivery address and billing address?

Yes, you can add a separate address by logging in on the web shop. Under the header “my addresses” you can add or change delivery addresses.



How do you protect my privacy?

In our privacy statement privacy statement we explain how we process your personal data and how you can exercise your rights regarding your data. When you have any questions or remarks, contact




Which product groups are included in the IMPRESSION assortment?

Via our web shop you can view a full overview of our product groups.



How do I quickly find an item?

  • Items are easy and quick to find using our search bar at the top of the website. Type a search term into the bar and the relevant products are shown directly.
  • It is also possible to search for items using our categories. Once you have navigated to a category, you can quickly refine the products shown using the filters at the right hand side of the page. At the top left of a category page you can quickly sort based on name, item number and price.
  • If you have trouble finding an item, your account manager is always ready to help you by phone, email or chat.


How can I request a sample?

You can simply order one sample of an item, or contact your account manager for assistance.



How can I order a catalogue?

Every year we create several catalogues, both in print and online. If you are interested in our catalogues, you can contact your dedicated accountmanager. Please indicate your company name, contact person and the address.




How can I submit a complaint?

We strive to deliver high quality promotional items. It is possible that something goes awry or that you are not completely satisfied. In those cases we will always find a suitable solution!


If you have a complaint, contact us directly by phone or email to make your complaint known. You can count on us responding within 1 hour on workdays.