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CSR & Amfori BSCI


At Giving Europe we take care of the safety of people, the working environment, and the world’s environment. There are four sides to our efforts in doing fair and responsible business and setting an example in the market of promotional products. You can rely on us to take our responsibility towards the entire supply chain, our employees, our customers, and the planet seriously.




ISO26000 is an international standard for corporate social responsibility. It is a voluntary agreement that Giving Europe has chosen to operate by. The full self-declaration is available on the website. It details how we strive to do business the fair and right way and it consists of 6 key points:

  • Human rights: Factories that manufacture the products in our assortment must pass inspections to ensure a proper working environment and that workers are not exploited.
  • Labour environment: We maintain health and safety regulations across all offices, printing facilities, and our warehouse.
  • Environment: We prevent environmental pollution through smart solutions like using biodegradable packaging materials, electric cars, less polybags and office lights that switch off automatically.
  • Fair business practices: We have transparent and fair agreements with the suppliers on one side and the buyers on the other side.
  • Customer relations: Although we are not in direct contact with the end consumer, we devote ourselves to providing safe products and clear information, and we do not share customer data with third parties.
  • Social engagement: Through charitable donations and internships we have a positive impact on local communities.




Giving Europe is part of a network of companies under Amfori. The network consists of 1.800 companies in 30 countries working together to improve factory conditions in the producing countries. The entire network works together to conduct factory audits and share the results of these audits. Factories are incentivized to meet standards in order to do business with any of the companies in the network. This results in improved factory conditions overall, so workers can go to work with their human and labour rights protected.