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Do you feel like summer? And how about your customers? Our IMPRESSION Summer leaflet is ready. Ten items (in various price categories) for your customers to decalre that the summer season is starting!

Look at the summer products quickly. We're sure there's something for you and your customers: practical and functional giveaways that can be used by your customers for the summer as well as by the receivers.

Giveaways work! Want to convince your customers of the power of premiums? Send them to this cheerful, colourful leaflet in your name. They will immediately see what you mean! Order the leaflets with us. That is possible from 100 pieces, with your own logo (full color) on the back.

Contact your account manager for more information! 

You see, we take care!

Curious?! Take a look at the online leaflet!

Naturally, all items are in conformity with the European directives (free from harmful materials and produced in a labour-friendly environment) and all of them have the certificates to prove it. If you want, you can request the certificates - which are the official certificates, guaranteed! - from us. The certificates include the item image the test result scores, a stamp and the signature form the test lab.

Ask your account manager

Would you like more information about ordering the IMPRESSION
catalogues? Please contact your account manager.