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The IMPRESSION 2018 catalogue: A high quality catalogue for you and your customers, a whopping 504 pages of excellent promotional gifts, exclusive concepts and facts & figures that show the power of promotional gifts.

Unique about our catalogue is the certification for all products. Choosing from the IMPRESSION 2018 means you are safe when it comes to European laws and regulations. Your customers will love that reassurance. We offer certainty. Also in all other fields. You can focus on sales, we support you in every way we can. 

Your own digital IMPRESSION catalogue

As an added service we can digitalize your IMPRESSION 2018 catalogues (also including your own cover). You will receive a link, with which you can add your digital catalogue on your website, there, your clients can easily browse through it.

With the IMPRESSION 2018 catalogue catalogue and the digital catalogue you have a complete promotional package to present yourself and your assortment to your clients in a professional manner.

Reasons why the IMPRESSION 2018 is the catalogue for you:

1. The IMPRESSION 2018 has more pages and amazing new products. 504 pages and 175 new gifts!
2. Distinctive! The IMPRESSION 2018 is unique and will stand out from any other ordinary catalogue due to it's colourful design.
3. Useful content on the use and the strength of promotional gifts.
4. Unique! All products have certification based on European laws and regulations.
5. Your catalogue available early January.

Ask your account manager

Would you like more information about ordering the IMPRESSION
catalogues? Please contact your account manager.