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7 September 2016
Giving Europe has won the PSI Sustainability Award 2016! Over 150 companies have participated for a chance to be nominated for an award, which has been handed out in several categories.

This year, the second edition of the PSI Sustainability Awards has taken place. The PSI organises this event to draw attention to the theme Sustainability in the promotional gifts industry in Europe. The theme of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our industry. Sustainability and CSR are very important to Giving Europe. We take care! The jury has judged our social policy, which goes above and beyond the legal standards. Both at our head office in Tiel, our international offices, but most definitely also our audits and social commitment at and with our suppliers. This is part of our daily practise, based on our ISO 26000 strategy and our BSI participation.

There were 7 categories, with 5 nominations each. Giving Europe has won the award in the category ‘Social Excellence’. The mentality and activities of Giving Europe concerning Social Excellence set the right example for the European promotional gifts industry. This award recognises our efforts in this field and we are genuinely proud of that. We hope that next year other big organisations are willing to compete with us in the field of sustainability.

Tags: PSI Sustainability Award 2016! , sustainable gifts , BSCI , ISO

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