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The overseas department is located at our headquarters in Tiel (Netherlands). Our employees are specialized in sales and distribution of promotional products (with our without print) outside of Europe. It’s a one-stop-shopping concept for all your business gifts with over 6000 high quality and trendy promotional items available from stock.

Due to the extensive knowledge about commerce and shipping of promotional products to the Middle-East, Africa, Asia and South and North America we are able to offer the following benefits:

  • Reliable delivery times, we are committed to execute and follow up your inquiries and orders immediately.
  • Transport to your destination. If desired we will send you the goods prepaid to your requested destinations at any place in the world. All requirements are known to us and various documents to ship our goods to you will be arranged from our side when applicable. Besides you will profit from our favourable rates from our specialised transport network.
  • If you wish the promotional products to be printed, we have also a solution for you. Every order is an express order to us but charged as normal order. You will have the goods printed and ready for delivery to your customer within a week from order date.

We would like you to consider us as your purchase office in Europe and as your knowledge center for trading and shipping matters to develop your business with our service and goods. If you would like this you can contact our sales team. Send an email to or give us a call: +31 344 640 500. 


It is Giving Europe’s policy to compel to all laws and regulations applicable to product safety. How about RoHS, REACH, WEEE, CE-Certificate, Cadmium, Toy-safety regulations, etc? These are just a few of the laws and regulations that affect promotional items. We research everything for you, completely!

More on laws and regulations


Giving Europe, as an entire organization, is a member of the PSI (Promotional Products Industry).