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We have a lot to offer our partners.

For example:

  • Support of marketing and communications efforts towards your customers, if desired.
  • Exclusive brands in your collection.
  • Very attractive (quantity) discounts.

Another reason why you should be our partner?

  • How about RoHS, REACH, WEEE, CE-Certificate, Phtalaten, Cadmium, Toy-safety regulations, Consumer Protection Laws, Fire Safety Regulations, Eco-label, Bisphenol A legislation, General Certificate of Conformity, AZO, Labelling requirements.
  • Just a few of the laws and regulations that affect trade and import of promotional products. We check them for you. Thoroughly.

More information on laws and regulations.

What more can you, our partner, expect from us?

  • Excellent service from your personal account manager.
  • Carefully selected catalogues, available also digitally.
  • Actions that can give you an extra advantage compared to your competitors.
  • Unique new products.
  • Up-to-date information on markets and products to benefit your business.