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Straight from the best tea gardens that are located on the high hills of Sri Lanka, we present: LoyalTea®. New, healthy, delicious, durable, honest, and pure.

Tea. Around the world people have been drinking it for millennia. There is a reason for it: tea is good for everybody! At Loyaltea® you can order your own first class tea. You are placing your company or organization in the spotlight in a positive way, and your clients and business relations will enjoy a delicious cup of your own tea.

Take a look at all the LoyalTea® products at

Loyaltea® stands for loyalty in the entire chain. To the environment, the tea pickers, the local population and of course your customers and relations.

Fast delivery time
Loyaltea® tea products have a fast delivery time. The LoyalBox, the LoyalCan and the LoyalDeluxe are directly deliverable from stock, provided with your logo or text. The LoyalPouch and PyramidBox are completely customized at source. Starting with a 3 week delivery time!

Custom made
You can also customize the LoyalBox so that they perfectly match your company/organization style. Do you havespecific wishes concerning a tea flavour or packaging? Almost everything is possible! Look for inspiration on