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Does it attract you to easily earn more? Then use Fast East. Under this label you buy, through us, premiums and business gifts with direct China prices. That means more profit for you.

There are distributors who also purchase in China, especially when it comes to larger orders for which a longer delivery time is not an obstacle. But this is not without risk, some distributors have unfortunately already experienced this firsthand. With Fast East, a Giving Europe tool, distributors can purchase in China without risk. Major customers of Giving Europe enjoy using it. Do you know that you can already use Fast East if you have turnover of EURO 10,000 ?

Try it and experience the benefits!

Play it safe

Promotional gifts have to increasingly meet stricter European legislation. Your customers will increasingly ask for these products, including the evidence that they are safe. You can rest assured that the products of Giving Europe meet all requirements and are therefore safe. What’s important is that this is also true for the products you purchase through Fast East. This is separate from all the financial and delivery risks we are taking away from you, via Fast East you will also receive EU certificates with the products. This is the complete picture. You can rest assured because we take care. For all those certainties we only charge a small amount. We think that safety is valuable to and for you.

Easy to use

By integrating Fast East with the IMPRESSION website, you can easily use these purchase modules. You can get a personal login on demand, quickly find items, select and instantly calculate your price at the desired delivery conditions! You can even place your order online. Quotes are valid for 2 weeks. The calculations made are seen again when you log in. The minimum order quantities are displayed, the print options are developed.

Perfect order support

The latest developments in prices, products and trends in the Far East are monitored in real time and continuously published on the Fast East section of the Impression website. So you’re always up to date with the latest changes. The professionals behind Fast East give advice and provide a perfect order support.


Would like to receive more information about Fast East or
a personal login? Then please contact your account manager.