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We don’t need to tell you what we have in common with our colleagues. For you, the importance lies in where we are different; and this is in the way we treat you. We don’t have customers, we have partners. That makes all the difference.

partnership is long-lasting. For a partner one goes that extra mile in every aspect that matters to you and to us. Why do we choose a partnership? Because a partnership is more than the sum of its parts. You get to know each other well. You know what you can and should expect from each other. One word is enough to anticipate a question or a need. That makes doing business with us not only professional but also enjoyable.  We take care because your business is our business.  We welcome you as our partner.


Giving Europe is an independent internationally successful family business, where employees work in a professional and motivated way. We advise on the use of promotional gifts and provide a structural contribution to the success of our partners.


We work together based on a long term partnership, not on a one time sales transaction. Your business is our business and we want to take care of our mutual added value. The use of promotional gifts is part of every marketing budget and delivers a substantial added value to the positioning of a brand, business or event. This is achieved with our 9 P's :

  •  People :A safe and inspiring working environment where people are motivated to bring out the best in themselves and others.
  •  Partners : Maintaining and expanding a successful network of partners (suppliers, customers, and relations) to jointly improve continuously and to create added value.
  •  Planet : Making a difference through Corporate Social Responsibility.
  •  Product : Our certified promotional gifts provide added value to the positioning of a brand, business or event.
  •  Price : We ensure optimal balance between service, quality and price.
  •  Productivity : Continuous innovation and related investments in an effective, professional organization.
  •  Place : we strive to supply worldwide to all promotional gifts distributors.
  •  Promotion : We support the promotional market with our ‘We take care’ strategy.
  •  Profit : Profitable growth and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.