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We don’t need to tell you what we have in common with our colleagues. For you, the importance lies in where we are different; and this is in the way we treat you. We don’t have customers, we have partners. That makes all the difference.

partnership is long-lasting. For a partner one goes that extra mile in every aspect that matters to you and to us. Why do we choose a partnership? Because a partnership is more than the sum of its parts. You get to know each other well. You know what you can and should expect from each other. One word is enough to anticipate a question or a need. That makes doing business with us not only professional but also enjoyable. We take care because you’re our business! We welcome you as our partner.


End customers are progressively more demanding and our trade is becoming increasingly complex. We are here to assist you, to prevent or resolve problems. You are our partner and to us this means we are 100% committed to you. There are no mysterious constructions behind your back. We value openness and honesty.

Our commitment goes beyond an order. This commitment means we support you 365 days a year in what you do every day: business. Being proactive. Anticipating your questions. Delivering marketing, communication and sales tools. Providing you with practical, branch-related information with which you can answer sooner and better to the changing market demands. This we accomplish through this website, our web shop, our email newsletter, and our Giving News Magazine: Expression.


We could give an extensive overview about our support towards the trade channel, knowledge of the product and market, speed of deliveries, logistics, etc.; but we won’t. You can trust us with all the essential aspects of our trade – providing you with promotional products in a fast and gratifying way - because this is our essence. If this weren’t so, we would not have become a well-established name in our trade in only 10 years.

Above all, we want to convey that we stand for an industry that will continue to professionalize in the coming years. Our mission is to take the lead in this process, especially concerning our CSR and Compliance. Treating people, planet & profit with responsibility; this is the spearhead towards a great and healthy future for our industry. This is our joint interest. We take care because you’re our business!